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Granite stone blocks /setts / granite cobbles

Granite is a noble stone. It is strong enough to withstand any climatic conditions, that’s why monuments to great writers, historians, artists, etc. are made from granite in many cities.
Ukrainian stone gallery

Гранит. Галерея украинского камня

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Table top - is the upper part, as a rule, of the kitchen or tank furniture, on which usually produces / does different kind of domestic work. It is made from the natural or artificial stone. Table top made from the granite is very popular in now days, indeed they do not have a period of fitness, that’s why they can serve as decades. Moreover nature was ordered so, that by itself natural stone granite has different color, and to, therefore, to select the necessary nuance of table top, which will perfectly suit with the surrounding interior, is very easily. So, there is no need for worry about the form of table tops, because, it is possible to give any desired form - round, rectangular, oval or completely asymmetrical to table tops made from granite.
Table top from granite easily transfers moisture, it is steadfast to the abrasion, water-washing. It is possible to place table top in the tank without worrying about the fact that the pair negatively will affect the exterior view or through the pair of years after the operation it will begin to become more vulnerable to with that index, which were for it indifferent originally / from the beginning . Table top from granite on the kitchen - this is outstanding gift to any mistress, indeed then it is possible to forget about the special supports for the hot dishes, recently taken from the stove, threaded boards. Because of the unique surface of granite, table top from this stone, excellently washes and protect pair and different pollution, than table top from another material. The quality of table tops from granite is checked using the cuts. They must be smoothly processed, then only it will be possible to assert in the fact that this table top is qualitative and it will be successfully exploited for a period of long years.
Granite table top - is aesthetical and practical, long-lived and reliable. That’s why, this table top will serve not one generation. However, it is necessary to take correct care after it, specially do not lose previous appearance. There is no special approach for this. This surface simply should be rubbed by the woolen rag, moistened in the special mixture for the washing and then the surface of table top will remain of the same ideal quality as in the first years its operation.
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