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Granite stone blocks /setts / granite cobbles

Granite is a noble stone. It is strong enough to withstand any climatic conditions, that’s why monuments to great writers, historians, artists, etc. are made from granite in many cities.
Ukrainian stone gallery

Гранит. Галерея украинского камня

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Granite steps / stages – it’s really aesthetical and practical.
Due to special possibilities of granite stone, it is really to produce steps of necessary thickness and length, after choosing the most combined color range with the surrounding interior. Granite after grinding is slippery in itself and therefore it can cause certain inconveniences. However, granite for the steps for the external installation passes heat / flame process. That’s why the risk of traumatism, therefore, considerably is reduced; therefore such steps are practical even in the house with children.

The most popular are two kinds of granite color - grey and brown. However, one should remember that these are not all colors. There are absolutely black, gabbro, black with the sparklets, dark- vegetable / dark green, dark grey, light grey, red, labradorite, dark brown and  more than 15 nuances of granite. So that, to select the necessary nuance, which most successfully will begin to be combined with the interior, will be not complicated.

Stairs steps / stages from granite can be one-piece additional or combined. The thickness of one-piece granite step is 100-200 mm, width is arbitrary. This index testifies about the high strength: it is not possible to injure either by natural, or artificial ways. Additional granite steps use both inside and outside of the accommodation. These steps

Granite outdoor step  STP-1
Granite outdoor step STP-2
Granite outdoor step STP-3 with hole / opening
Granite outdoor step STP-4 with decorative cut

Granite outdoor step STP-5
Granite outdoor step STP-6
Granite outdoor step STP-7
Granite outdoor step STP-4 with decorative cut
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