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Granite stone blocks /setts / granite cobbles

Granite is a noble stone. It is strong enough to withstand any climatic conditions, that’s why monuments to great writers, historians, artists, etc. are made from granite in many cities.
Ukrainian stone gallery

Гранит. Галерея украинского камня

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Granite tile – it is a grinded slab, which can be manufactured of different sizes. As a rule, it is used in roads’ construction and buildings’ revetment.

During our days there is a wide selection of tiles of different direction and for the different purposes.

For example, the paving tiles can be plotted to the roadway of the road, and not looking at the fact that they will be found under a constant influence of frictional force, and climatic conditions, such as atmospheric precipitations, the ultraviolet sun radiation, their form not to be spoiled even through decades of operation. Because granite - stone, which stores its appearance maximum 1000 years.

After connecting imagination, it is possible to compose whole mosaic or interesting figure from granite tiles.
The surface of the paving tile can be absolute sawn, glazed or highly-grinded, grinded, polished, heat-treated. It Is easy to pave granite tiles with different kinds of surface finish. The kind of surface finish doesn’t influence on to the paving process.

The paving tile lies down on the concreted base and if paving is carried out on the street, then it is better to select granite tile not less than 3 cm in order to be accurately confident in its reliability.
The facing tile is convenient not only during operation, but also in paving process.
So that the expenditures of time for the installation of granite tile are minimum, and the period of service is maximum.

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