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Granite stone blocks /setts / granite cobbles

Granite is a noble stone. It is strong enough to withstand any climatic conditions, that’s why monuments to great writers, historians, artists, etc. are made from granite in many cities.

Products from granite / Granite products

Natural granite is ideal for outdoor interiors. 

Granite - is not only a sign of image and prestige, but also rationality.


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Ниже представлен камень из Украины. Нажмите на фото для увеличения.

Rosso Santiago GR1

Rosso Toledo GR8

Flower of Ukraine GR12
Leopard GG1

Leopard GG1a
Ukrainian Autumn GP7

Grey Ukraine GG2
Withered GR10

Sophiyevsky GP9
Blue Night L1

Irina Blue L2
Carpazi GR7

Blue Stone
Isakovsky 1

Isakovsky 2

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